"What might it be like, in this moment, to have a heart that is ready for anything?” - Tara Brach, Ph.D.


My name is Terra Marzano (she/her), and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker living on the Oregon Coast, on the unceded land of the Nehalem and Clatsop Confederated Tribes. I provide online therapy to adults living anywhere in Oregon and Washington.

I am happy you are here.

When we are hurting -- whether from a break-up, trauma, physical illness, or the ongoing stress from the pandemic -- we can feel anxious, disconnected, and uninspired. The world is not always easy on us, and being human is hard! You don't have to navigate the hard stuff on your own.

Having a dedicated space where we feel safe, accepted, and nurtured can bring immense relief. My approach is warm, interactive, and validating and - together - we can create space to usher in healing, growth, and recovery. I welcome your full humanness into the therapy room, where we can reflect, examine, honor, and celebrate together.